Tesla car is one of the most expensive and luxury car in the world.

Which is known not only in America but all over the world for its luxury features. Tesla has gained a lot of name all over the world in just a few years. Tesla collects headlines around the world for its luxury and luxurious car. And the most important thing is that Tesla is very popular all over the world even for its electric vehicles. Would like to tell you that Tesla company owner Elon Musk is the richest person in the world.

Elon Musk remains in headlines worldwide for these same car features. Faisla is known for its best car models and every rich person wants to buy Tesla cars. Tesla car has become the first choice of every rich person. As suppose if you are a successful person then if you want to buy any car in the car market then first of all your attention will be attractive only towards Tesla.

And there is only one reason behind this Faisal is the best and number one car in the world for its hi-tech features. Then whether it is a matter of racing or mileage or its luxury hi-tech features, it is a great sedan car from all sides. Well, all Tesla cars are number one in the world at their own place, but if we talk about the Tesla Model S car, it is a very popular car. America’s famous electric car manufacturer Tesla introduced Tesla Model X in 2012 and at that time it made a lot of headlines and not at the same time it is still included in the number one car list till date.

After this, this car was launched with new updates in 2019. We would like to tell you that the range of this car is much better, the range of this Tesla Model S sedan car is about 627 kilometres and it is an all-electric car. And not only that it is a 5-door lift-back sedan car. Let us tell you that with a range of 627 kilometres, the Model S long-range Plus Edition is one of the most fuel-efficient cars in the Tesla family on a single charge. Along with this,

this car also comes in the list of electric vehicles with the highest battery range on a single charge. Talking about the price of the country, the most important reason for the sale of this car is that the base version of the Model S long-range Plus Edition is priced at $ 79,9990. If seen in Indian currency, then its value is approximately 60 lakh 50,000 rupees. In fact, this car has been included in the list of the most expensive luxury hybrid and electric cars. Tesla Model S sedan electric car also rules the hearts of people with its high-tech features.

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