1969 Camaro Customized by Sean Smith Packs A 1180-HP 427 LS7 V8

Sean Smith's most recent design may seem like a beautifully updated example of classic

muscle from the exterior, but it has brand-new engineering. This Camaro obviously needs

more sticky tyres to handle the theatrics and power of its engine. The Michelin Pilot Sport 4 

tyres from HRE, which have a diameter of 19 inches, are in charge of performing this function.

For those looking for a car for enthusiasts, there is a 6-speed manual. The incredible power of this thing calls for skilled treatment. Yet,

considering its new reduced position and intimidating stance, it seems to have come directly from Los Santos Customs.

Sean Smith worked with Rockstar Games for four years, contributing to titles including Midnight Club and Grand Theft Auto. Among his numerous

 rendered things were video game vehicles and skins. Nonetheless, their most recent release included the designer's work and used cars from earlier games.