2023 Honda Civic Type R Races FK8 CTR, Ford Focus RS, and VW Golf R, Mixed Results Ensue

Which of these nearly identical hatchbacks accelerates more quickly straight? Thomas and James from Throttlehouses ran the quarter mile to discover that 

the FL5, which was heavier but more powerful, had triumphed. But things changed in FK8's favour. 

 The two have fairly similar gear ratios, although Honda modified the final drive of the six-speed manual transmission from 4111:1 in

the previous generation Civic Type R to 3842:1 in the current Civic Type R. Thus, FL5 is a little bit longer. Although you already know that sixth is for driving quickly rather than fast, 

 it suits the prior model. It should be noted that the FL5 accelerates more quickly as a result of the 20mm bigger tyres.

The Focus RS and Mk are 

 the rivals in question. Eight Golf R.