2023 McLaren Artura Driven Again: Redemption Time?

The 2023 McLaren Artura is fresher than most "all-new" vehicles in terms of technology, including its plug-in hybridization

spread 120-degree twin-turbo V-6, and carbon-fiber tub

Even the innovative twisted-pair ethernet electrical design is a first. All of this would be a lot to do right the first time for Toyota,

never alone for a small independent brand that has only been serially making vehicles for about a decade.

And sure enough, the Artura was plagued with technological gremlins during our maiden drive last summer.

After a few more flashes, McLaren asked us to shake down a fully baked Artura on a varied 150-mile road driving loop

which was followed by perhaps a dozen hot laps in the infield of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.