2023 Toyota Prius : 50% increase in electric-only range

By today's standards, the 25-mile electric-only range of the previous Prius Prime was not spectacular.

 The new model's range is 50% more than the previous one in order to compete with consumers who choose competing EVs.

 Approximately 38 miles of electric driving range are now promised with a bigger lithium-ion battery.

But there have also been improvements made to the hybrid system. According to Toyota, the fifth-generation hybrid system will get 57 mpg.

Drivetrains for Prius Primes have always been based on efficiency. The battery pack delivers a 15% boost in output compared to

 the previous generation nickel-metal-hydride unit. The third-generation model still has it, but it is considerably more potent.

The standard Prius now produces a respectable 194 horsepower, and 196 horsepower in all-wheel drive variants.