2023 Toyota Prius Shames Its Predecessor's Acceleration Performance

Not only is the 2023 Toyota Prius more attractive than its predecessor, but it also performs far better in straight lines.

The new front-wheel-drive Prius we tested was 3.4 seconds faster than the previous model to reach 60 mph.

An upgraded hybrid powertrain with much more horsepower enables the Prius's better acceleration.

Let's clear the decks before comparing the remaining test results from the new Prius to those from the previous model. 

With a redesign that most people with two functioning eyes would consider appealing at worst and drop-dead stunning at best, 

 the 2023 Toyota Prius ushers in a new generation. (The latter is probably true for owners of one or more prior generations.) 

Although the hybrid hatchback's appearance changed from nerdy to