2024 Mazda CX-90 To Get Performance-Oriented Plug-In Hybrid Powertrain In America

Today, Mazda revealed that in addition to the previously confirmed inline-six engine, 

the future three-row SUV, the 2024 CX-90 designed specifically for the North American market, 

will also be available with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. The carmaker also asserts that the new PHEV powertrain would help the new three-row SUV perform better.

The quickness, performance, and driving characteristics that distinguish Mazda vehicles

will be maintained by the CX-90 PHEV, according to Mazda. Customers will have 

 the best of both worlds in terms of performance and economy thanks to this brand-new e-Skyactiv powertrain, 

They are speedy, entertaining to drive, and the AWD model is actually swift.