3 Reasons the Ford Maverick Could Become as Popular as the F-150 by 2030

The Ford Maverick is the brand's well-liked new small pickup truck. The Maverick's low starting price and low overall ownership

expenses have contributed to its rise to prominence. Here's why the Maverick may be as popular as 

the Ford F-150 by 2030. Although gas efficiency may not have always been a top consideration for truck buyers,

drivers in 2022 have had to contend with historically high gas costs. Additionally, efforts to reduce carbon emissions are being made by both customers and automakers. 

The Ford F-150 may be adapting, but the Maverick is already designed for the Blue Oval's future. 

The car stands out from rivals thanks to its standard hybrid powertrain, 

which also paints a clear picture of Ford's electrification ambitions.