A 2024 Toyota GR Tundra Sport Truck Should Exist Because Look at It!

A 2024 Toyota GR Tundra sport vehicle would be nice. Consider this. Imagine Gazoo Racing 

incorporating all of its performance and racing expertise into a full-size Tundra.

Because Abimelec Design produced these representations of what such a Toyota might be like, you don't actually need to think 

too hard about it. It's a good sign if you're feeling very Toyota Tacoma X Runner-inspired.

A fantastic midsize truck with a six-speed manual transmission and a low-set sport suspension, the X Runner ought to still be offered in Toyota's lineup today, but it isn't. 

No! We call this heresy of the greatest calibre. In essence, the Tacoma X Runner was a sports car in a truck. What could be disliked about that?

It's difficult to ignore the allure of a road-hugging,