A Detailed Look Back At The Cadillac Mirage

Finding it difficult to recognise your Australian Holden Commodore Ute? If so, you are not by yourself.

 It seems sense to wait to label the Ute as a vehicle pickup truck after taking the initial pictures. However, Chevrolet unveiled an El Camino with 

 a similar body shape 40 years before the Holden ute was introduced in Australia. This vehicle appeared to be an unusual mashup of pickup trucks and

Chevelle midsize sedans. The statement is made funnier by using the terms Cadillac and pickup together. 

However, the Cadillac Phantom is genuine. Similar to how Chevy disassembled 

 the Chevelle to create the El Camino, Cadillac created the Mirage by removing the pickup bed from the 1976 Devil Coupe.

Cadillac hired Gene Winfield to construct