A Dodge Challenger Hellcat With A Manual And 1,000 HP Is American Muscle Car Perfection

After 2023, Stellantis will no longer produce the Dodge Challenger and Charger. However, this does not imply

 that Dodge will stop being a brand known for its rugged automotive offerings. 

There will be a brand-new Dodge muscle vehicle on the market shortly, but it won't have a HEMI or Hellcat engine. 

Electric vehicles have taken their place. A HEMI or Hellcat may not have as much power as the new Dodge EV muscle vehicle.

The electric vehicle might outperform any Dodge Challenger or Hellcat Charger in terms of speed. 

Electric automobiles can accomplish certain things, but not all of them. Electric vehicles will never provide the most pleasing sound that an internal 

combustion engine can, regardless of how strong or quick they are. when electric cars no longer compete on race circuits and roads