A Tesla Model 3 Long Range Could Lose 17% of Its Range in the Cold

Every car may benefited from a pair of seasonally suitable tyres, including Tesla vehicles just like Model 3. Even a

Tesla with AWD will have more traction in the winter with a set of winter tyres or even studded tyres to manage bad weather.

All-season tyres, however, generally perform better on an AWD vehicle than on a RWD one. Owners may anticipate the

Tesla Model 3 to travel between 200 and 225 miles, depending on weather and driving style, despite its 17%

proven loss in range in subfreezing temperatures. That compares the Model 3 to the 19% validated 

winter range reduction of a Tesla Model S P100D. But even with a significant loss,

the little Tesla outperforms a number of well-known competitors.