Aftermarket Parts & Engines Are Widely Available For The BMW E90 3 Series

E90 platform with a range of gentle to wild. They provide Carbon Kevlar fender flares, which are incredibly lightweight while yet providing enough of protection against hits on

the road or track, if you've been searching for something that's more understated than the majority of vehicles in a drift competition.

The S65 V8 engine that powers the BMW M3 E90 was designed and built by BMW Motorsport, the same division that creates and manufactures engines for Formula 1.

This engine may be readily installed directly into a BMW 335i. The S65 V8 has been utilised in a variety of racing settings, 

including GT3 class competition vehicles like the Z4 M Coupe and the M3 GT4.

The engine is renowned for its dependability, longevity, and

power production. Additionally, tuning is quite simple.