All-New Hyundai Kona Offers Cutting-Edge Features For Modern Drivers

Reduced visibility is the justification used by the governments of Virginia and North Carolina fThe lowered visibility of a squat vehicle is its most hazardous feature. 

Seeing out the windscreen is challenging due to the truck's low stance and the driver's reclining seat. A squat vehicle makes it particularly challenging to see people in front of it. or prohibiting squatting trucks.

You can significantly improve your low-speed vision around parking lots by mounting a forward-facing "parking" camera on the bumper of a squat truck. 

Higher speeds, however, provide whole other problems. A parked 2016 Silverado struck another vehicle head-on in Virginia in February 2022,

killing the driver of the other truck. Despite the fact that the 19-year-old truck driver crossed the centre line, 

ABC 8 theorised that he did so because he was blinded

by approaching traffic.