Are old Toyota Corollas good?

They absolutely can be! A pretty beat-up 1984 Toyota Corolla SR5 that was parked outside someplace near the Santa Cruz mountains in 

California caught "Riko's eye" as having promise. When he purchased the Corolla for $400,

 it had already been there for more than eight years. Corollas from the 1980s are normally not that

uncommon, but the SR5 variants stand out from the crowd.

According to Riko, he first purchased the Toyota Corolla SR5 to use as replacement components for another Corolla he was repairing.    

He stripped it of its finest parts and put the husk aside for a while. A brief glance at his other Corollas will clear up any

doubt if this one looks like a weird construction decision. In Riko's fleet of matching gold vehicles,