Are used Dodge Chargers reliable?

Although a used Dodge Charger is dependable, it falls short of some of its rivals in terms of quality. 

A 2022 Dodge Charger receives a dependability rating of 3.5 out of 5.0

 Out of the 12 major automobiles that RepairPal analysed, that places the Dodge sedan in tenth place. Furthermore, 

, the Charger's ratings place it barely under the average score for big car reliability, which is 4.0 points.

The Charger's normal repairs, according to dependability statistics, are "serious," but they are less often than with certain 

rivals. Because of this, RepairPal claims that the model seldom needs major repairs. Because of its dependability, used 

automobile buyers in 2022 looked for the Dodge Charger a lot.