Audacious Ford dealership charges massive US$69,554 markup for the F-150 Lightning

A dealership in Fort Walton Beach, Florida has now exacerbated the untenable EV pricing situation by offering the electric truck for twice its normal cost, 

 just a few months after we confirmed about an already unbelievable dealer markup of US$30,000 that directly effected some 

 Ford F-150 Lightning reservation holders. The vehicle in issue has a manufacturer-suggested retail price of US$69,554, 

and the dealer fitted a total of approximately US$1,495 worth of extras, according to

 a report by Electrek citing a post on an F-150 Lightning Forum.

The store Gary Smith Ford also adds a significant US$69,554 market adjustment, bringing 

the final sticker price for this particular electrified pickup truck to US$140,603. With an extra six percent in sales tax,