Audi RS3 Vs. Jeep Trackhawk: Clash Of The Commuters

The only modifications to the Audi RS3 mentioned in the video or description are its Milltek exhaust system and    

TheTurboEngineer's TTE700 large turbo, which produces an estimated 670 horsepower. It is not specified if this occurs at the crank or the wheels.

The 12.3-inch instrument cluster, 10.1-inch infotainment screen, and 8.6-inch temperature control screen all come standard on the car. Every SQ8 e-tron is also outfitted with the most recent Audi technologies.

For comparison, a factory RS3 produces 401 horsepower, which is on par with pony cars.

The Meisterschaft exhaust and "stage 2 tune" on the SRT Trackhawk, performed by   

an unnamed tuning outfit, are said to produce a robust 1,000 horsepower. For comparison,

the Hellcat-derived V8 in a factory SRT Trackhawk manages to produce a still-massive 707 horsepower.