Cadillac Celestiq Interest Outpaces First Year Production Capacity

The impending Cadillac Celestiq, which will be the most cutting-edge, opulent, and unique automobile the luxury company has ever provided, 

is one of the most awaited goods in brand history. Currently, it appears that demand for the Celestiq might support manufacturing for at least 18 months.

Tony Roma, chief engineer for the Cadillac Celestiq, said in a recent interview with 

Autoline After Hours that starting in December 2023, GM aims to start hand-assembling

about two cars per day at the Warren, Michigan-based GM Global Technical Center.

The Celestiq will be the first production vehicle made at this facility, it should be noted.

We have quite a few hand-raisers, Romo continued. beginning MSRP of more over $300,000.