Cadillac’s Goddess Returns On The All-New, All-Electric Celestiq

The Goddess is indeed represented within the cabin by the illuminated, glass-encased mascot, which is located on top of the metal infotainment dial. Cadillac went above and 

above, pointing out that the dial spins separately from the glass Goddess so that she is always erect. The Goddess, which the firm describes as a "new icon of the brand's 

individualised, handcrafted craftsmanship," will only be found on the Celestiq because it symbolises the hand-crafted, personalised character of the vehicle,  "We wanted this flagship 

EV to embrace the enormous legacy of the company in a genuinely meaningful way," said Bryan Nesbitt, executive director of Cadillac Design. "The Goddess represents the ultimate 

peak of customised workmanship from Cadillac."In 1941, a new Goddess became launched and she featured on all the company's cars when the V12 and V16 engines were phased out. 

She developed throughout time, but until Cadillac unveiled the Escala concept in 2016, she was phased away and virtually forgotten. This "marked a beginning in the Cadillac design 

studio's effort to resuscitate the Goddess as inspiration for the next generation of automobiles, bringing the brand into an all-electric future," according to the company.