Chevrolet Reveals The Secrets To Breaking In The Corvette Z06 Engine

Chevy advises a 500-mile break-in period for road use and a 1,500-mile duration for track use, respectively, in the Corvette Z06 owner's handbook. Jordan Lee,

 the global chief engineer for Chevy's small-block v8 engine, 

 recommends against running your engine too hard until you provide it the time to get everything running as it should.

Adds he, "The engine has many moving parts and can produce 670 horsepower at 8,600 rpm.

This engine runs at a very high speed, produces a lot of power, and puts a lot of strain on its parts."

"There had been a proverb from long ago... Drive it like though you stole it. Avoid doing that.

It's bad what you did "When discussing the Z06's break-in time, Lee issues a warning.