Chevy Impala Best Used Car For The Money, Says Study

The top 20 greatest used vehicles under 10 years old for the money were found in a recent research by, 

with the Chevy Impala grabbing the top place. The top models were shown to have the greatest expected lifespan (in terms of miles) for

 the least amount of money among the more than 2 million used cars that were on the road between January and October of

the 2022 calendar year, according to the iSeeCars research (in terms of used car value).

The analysis estimates that a 10-year-old Chevy Impala can provide 111,996 miles throughout its useful vehicle

lifespan, which is close to 49 percent of the estimated maximum lifespan of 230,343 miles for the car.

At $9,706 on average, used car prices, that works out to just $87 every 1,000 kilometres, making