Chrysler To Use CES To Reveal “Latest Developments” In EV Push

With plans to display the Ram 1500 Revolution and Peugeot Inception ideas, Stellantis is embracing CES.

Although this is common knowledge, the corporation will also utilise the occasion to advertise Jeep and Chrysler.

Chrysler will give a first peek at the first North American uses of new connection technologies from Stellantis.

The carmaker will also discuss the "latest advancements in its promise to deliver the first Chrysler battery electric vehicle in 2025 and provide

a comprehensive battery electric portfolio in 2028," which is more intriguing. This suggests that further information regarding Chrysler's future EV, 

which is anticipated to be a commercial version of the Airflow concept, will be revealed. 

We could also learn more about the next EVs, which are anticipated to comprise a 300 replacement