Competitors of Volkswagen's Most Recent Concept The renowned W12 Golf

Regrettably, the German carmaker has definitely said that this vehicle will not be created, 

which will disappoint VW enthusiasts worldwide. Using a winking face emoji, VW

lamented the fact that the piece was not for sale while expressing their admiration at it.

This does not, however, exclude the potential of future Volkswagens with even more power.

For quite some time, VW has used the Golf as a proving ground for its efforts to compete

with hypercars. In the trunk of Mark 5 Golf GTIs is a W12 engine. This W12 Golf was a vast

upgrade over the Clio V6 mid-engined automobiles of the past, despite the fact that it was never constructed.

 rendered things were video game vehicles and skins. Nonetheless, their most recent release included the designer's work and used cars from earlier games.