DeBerti Chevy C10 Slayer Is A Six-Wheeled 1000-HP Monster

The most recent third-generation Chevy S10 made its debut in February of the 2012 calendar year.  

The Chevy S10 is GM's midsize truck vehicle for overseas markets.

However, GM Authority has now learnt that work on the next-generation Chevy S10 is already well underway.

Older Chevy S10 cars are being tested against next-generation model prototypes by the GM product team, according to people which is sold there, 

with knowledge of the situation. Although the Chevy Colorado is marketed in North America, the Chevy S10,

which is sold there, might be seen of as the Chevy Colorado's worldwide counterpart. However, the Chevy S10's development cycle differs from that of vehicles intended for 

the North American market. Currently, there are connections between the worldwide market model and the North American market model.