Dodge Challenger Hellcat 'Off-Road' Is Digitally Ready for the 911 Dakar, Sterrato

More specifically, there won't be any Dodge Challenger coupes or Charger sedans 

Naturally, the Stellantis affiliate has made an effort to make things 

 more appealing by releasing no fewer than seven "Last Call" special editions

With the nine power levels of the Banshee EV powertrain created 

for the production version of the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept

 it also made the most of every opportunity to demonstrate the promise of a sustainable yet tenacious future.

Now, both Mopar collectors and aficionados are very drawn to all the "Last Call" variations.

What if the Dodge Challenger 

SRT Hellcat also had something utterly unique that would stick in everyone's memory for years

albeit not necessarily for the reasons you might think?