Dodge Challenger Wraps Cost $3700 and Feature a Rainbow of Colors

A model from the Last Call Special Edition line is the Black Ghost Challenger. After the Charger King Daytona,

 this is one of the last vehicle debuts by the manufacturer that Dodge teased. The Black Ghost is a variant of the all-black 

Hellcat Ready widebody that contains subtly distinguishing characteristics. The Dodge Last Call model has a striking gator-skin vinyl roof design

 that contrasts with the surrounding black environment. The Homage Black Ghost Challenger is one of 

the most recent Dodge vehicles. Black Challenger by Dodge The Stellantis has a very special relationship to the past of the Black Ghost Challenger, 

 in contrast to the Charger King Daytona. In particular, the final call model pays homage to the 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T, 

which dominated Detroit's street racing scene.