Does the 2023 Toyota Sienna Get Better Gas Mileage Than a RAV4?

In both the city and on the highway, the 2023 Toyota Sienna gets 36 miles per gallon. The Toyota RAV4 has a city fuel economy of 27 mpg and

 a highway fuel economy of 35 mpg. It averages 31 miles per gallon overall. Due to its basic hybrid engine, 

the Toyota Sienna is the more fuel-efficient Toyota model. In order to increase the minivan's gas mileage, two electric motors are used. 

The Sienna is one of the fuel-efficient minivans a manufacturer has ever made as a consequence. 

 Its fuel efficiency is lauded by Edmunds. Therefore, the Sienna has better fuel economy than the RAV4, 

 but what about driving distance? How does

the total cost of ownership of Toyota's minivan compare to its most popular vehicle?