Does the Saipa Atlas have any performance at all?

Back bumper covers have been updated, and LEDs are now used for both the front and rear lights. A new tailgate looks more modern. 

Additionally, the stylish 13-inch hubcaps (or are they 14-inch?) give away the fact that the vehicle is really ancient.

We are aware of a few modifications but are not bold enough to offer inside photos. The Atlas comes with a seven-inch 

infotainment screen as a start. Saipa adds automatic LED headlights, auto-wipers,

optional heated mirrors, a sunroof, electronic speed control, and blind-spot monitoring to that list.  

These final few aspects definitely catch us off guard. More insulation than its predecessor has been

used to dampen the sound of the 1.5-liter gasoline engine, which may be loud. 87 horsepower and 129 lb-ft of torque are the four-ratings. cylinder's