Explore The History Of The 1965 Austin-Healey Sprite Mk III And Its Predecessors

You might want to learn more about the Austin-Healey

prite Mk III's past before considering to purchase 

one in 1965. Due to its distinctive front headlights, this sports

 car's Mk (Mark I) release in 1958 earned it 

 the nicknames "frogeye" and "bugeye" from the 

general public. People found this style to be "cute" 

and endearing, which helped the Austin-Healey 

Sprite Mk I gain popularity early on. The unitary chassis

construction of the Mk I, which utilised sheet metal body 

panels, was novel. The 948-cc OHV engine, which had a 42 

horsepower output, was accessible through an opening in the front bonnet and the

automobile industry as a result of a partnership between the Donald Healey Motor