Ferrari Purosangue Pickup Looks More Suited For Offroading Than Hauling

Given the installation of a raise kit, roll cage, and offroad tyres, 

 it really is clear that Rostislav Prokop views this pickup truck as an 

offroad vehicle. The vehicle's short bed further hints that it is better

suited for competing in Baja or Dakar competitions than hauling items to Home Depot.

Instead of a Ford Super Duty towing a 9,000-pound camper, this 

pickup truck looks more like a Hyundai Santa Cruz driving across 

 the desert. The Ferrari Purosangue SUV arrives with staggered 22 and 

23-inch wheels out of the factory, unlike the wheels and tyres on this 

shown pickup truck.A pickup vehicle with a Purosangue basis 

 is shown by Rostislav as having large 33-inch 

off-road tyres. Pirelli Scorpion tyres seem to be more probable

 for the desert might not seem all that unlikely, especially since Porsche has recently shown their Baja version of the 911.