Ford Maverick GFC is the cheapest US camper truck, if you can find one

It's always good to find a camper that is actually reasonable because the American RV market is filled with prohibitively costly Ford-based campers,

 ranging in price from US$2 million EarthRoamers to $135K Loki base camps. 

As the most affordable pickup truck in the US, the Ford Maverick is a logical place to start. However,

the accessory industry is centred on beds that are between 5 and 8 feet (1.4 to 2.4 metres) long, so the Maverick's modest 4.5-foot (1.4 m) bed doesn't fit in well. 

The Maverick camper vehicle was made possible by a purpose-built Maverick design from the nice Montanans at Go Fast Campers. 

 For those who can pinpoint an exact price, GFC provides one of the most economical camper options available,

 making the resultant pop-top vehicle the most affordable brand-new camper pickup in the US.