Ford Ranger Raptor Drives Back Home After Surviving Baja 1000

It's no joke, the Ford Ranger Raptor. Despite being the smallest Raptor-branded product Ford currently produces,

it is nonetheless capable of negotiating rough dunes and desert routes at high speeds, much like its larger Bronco and F-150 brothers. 

 Nothing more than the truck's recent performance at the Baja 1000 demonstrates that better.This year's Baja 1000 in Mexico included

 a Ranger Raptor that was entered by Ford Performance's North American division in collaboration with the company's Australian branch. 

The remainder of the truck was race-prepared by the Australian company Kelly Racing to make sure it could withstand the battering delivered by 

the 1000's while the engine, gearbox, and rest of the driveline were left untouched to demonstrate to 

 the world the resilience of the Raptor's power plant.