GM’s new EV sedan concept could be a potential electric Chevy Malibu replacement

There at China Tech Vision Day 2022 event, Gm unveiled the FNR-XE, a brand-new Chevy EV car concept built on the Ultium platform.

Actually, GM offered four new EV vehicles based on the platform; nevertheless, we are already familiar with the Cadillac Lyriq

GMC Hummer EV, and Buick Electra-X. Purely electric car idea, the Chevy FNR-XE, was unveiled in China but may come to

the US. When asked if Chevy will sell the electric car in the US, Mark Reuss, president of GM, said,

we'll have seen the desirability," adding that the vehicle would compete in

the original sales brochure, and Chevy only made it available to the general public in

the same mid-size sector as the existing Chevy Malibu. In the upcoming years, Chevy will introduce a number of much awaited electric vehicles, including