Head-To-Head 2023 Subaru Forester Vs 2023 Toyota RAV4 - The Winner Is..

Customers looking for compact SUVs have a lot of options, but which new model is best? In a recent article, U.S. News

compares the Toyota RAV4 against the 2023 Subaru Forster. Which design is best? They select the Subaru Forester 

 in the head-to-head comparison. Here's why, followed by our opinion. Customers looking for a compact SUV want one that 

is spacious, secure, dependable, fuel-efficient, and packed with extras. The Forester and Toyota RAV4 are excellent options that 

provide what customers are looking for. The Forester, though, is a popular choice for a number of reasons.

The Subaru Forester narrowly prevails in this head-to-head comparison, according to U.S. 

News. In addition to being less expensive than the RAV4, the Forester boasts better safety and expected dependability ratings.