Here’s What You’ll Pay For the 2023 Nissan Titan

The basic variant of the 2023 Nissan Titan S King Cab rear-wheel-drive begins at $41,495 according to 

The automaker's $1,795 destination fee is included in the pricing. Fortunately, the base model's price only increased by $890 from

 the previous model year despite price increases throughout the board. The price of the rear-wheel-drive SV Crew Cab has increased to $46,795 for 

 the 2023 model year. From the 2022 Titan to the 2023 Titan, that is an increase of $1,440. 

The Platinum Reserve costs $1,670 more and starts at $60,465, representing an even larger price increase for Nissan's full-size pickup truck. 

Prices aren't the only thing increasing for the 2018 model year. According to, 

wireless Apple CarPlay will be available by 2023.