Here's Why You Should Buy The 2nd-Gen Nissan Pathfinder Today

Nissan introduced the Pathfinder, one of its greatest SUVs, in its second version in 1995.

The second-generation Nissan Pathfinder stirred up some controversy when it entered one of the automobile industry's most competitive markets for

the 1996 model year. The second-generation Pathfinder's uniqueness has been improved for the first time by

 the manufacturer by switching from a body-on-frame to a more useful one-piece aerodynamic underbody. 

With a special aero package, it nonetheless retains the same boxy charm as its predecessors. 

 It won't be an SUV truck any longer. Nissan now offers an SUV that strikes the ideal balance between the usefulness of

a truck and the comfort of a car with the second-generation Pathfinder.