Honda Gathering At Motegi Circuit Celebrates Type R’s 30th Anniversary

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Honda’s Type R badge and last month, the Japanese automaker celebrated the milestone with 

a special event at the Motegi circuit. The gathering attracted no less than 219 Type R models,

all of which participated in a parade lap around the racetrack.

 The lap was led by Max Verstappen in a 2022 Civic Type R and followed by Sergio Perez in a 2002 Honda NSX-R, Yuki Tsunoda in  

a 1998 Integra Type R, and Pierre Gasly in a 2009 Civic Type R. Since the inception of the Type R nameplate,

a dozen of Hondas have been adorned with it.

The first was the 1992 NSX-R, followed up by the 1995 Integra Type R, 1997 Civic Type R (EK9), 2001 Civic Type R (EP3), 2001 Integra Type R, 2002 NSX-R,  

2004 Integra Type R, 2007 Civic Type R, 2009 Civic Type R, 2015 Civic Type R, 2017 Civic Type R, and

the new 2022 Civic Type R. An Accord Type R was also produced in limited numbers for the European market.