Honda Prelude To A New Generation

The maroon '91 Prelude is seen in the background of the sketch the Sketch Monkey decides 

to work on. He intends to preserve the fundamental proportions while giving the 

automobile contemporary style. He begins by integrating the rear spoiler into the body and 

mounting fully new rear lights that were taken from a Civic Type R. Additionally, he glues in 

a Honda NSX's back bumper. He decides to maintain the NSX diffuser after some 

adjustments but gets rid of the side vents because they didn't go with the sleek design of 

this imaginary Prelude. When Sketch Monkey includes an updated set of wheels,

the makeover really begins to take shape. After that, it mostly involves slight 

picture alteration to assist modernise thePrelude. Sketch Monkey lowers the

automobile to the ground, smoothes certain portions, and adds 

curves others in order to give it just a sportier feel

It also changes the front-to-rear aspect ratio.