Honda’s Ridgeline is a pickup truck jamming past 250,000 miles

Trucks like the Honda Ridgeline were among of the most popular cars to have more than 230,000 miles on them, just behind SUVs.

 This Honda vehicle can go up to 248,669 miles, according to iSeeCars. Not that your Honda pickup vehicle will break down after 248,000 miles. 

That number is simply an average of some trucks that are still on the road, and the vehicles examined in this list are still in excellent condition.

 Particularly, Japanese pickup trucks accounted for four of the top five trucks in the top 20. 

 Although these kinds of vehicles are built to survive, they aren't necessarily the best choice for families. 

Although pickup trucks face severe situations like towing, carrying, and just generally leading a harsher lifestyle,

SUVs provide greater space for people and goods.