How much does this Lexus SUV cost in 2022?

In the market for luxury SUVs, the entry-level Lexus UX 200 costs $34,225, which is remarkably reasonable. 

This trim costs $36,565, whereas the Luxury trim costs $39,265, when the F Sport Package is included.

The starting price for the hybrid Lexus UX 250h in 2022 is $36,425, the F Sport Package is $38,765, and the Luxury version costs $41,465 dollars.

For both trims of the 2022 Lexus UX, a F Sport Package is available, although the power output is unaffected.

Why should your SUV choose it? If a sport package doesn't provide you any extra power

stronger springs extra-large stabiliser bars sport stools

decent technology, a quick drivetrain, and good design