How The All-New 2023 Honda Pilot Changed The Game For Mid-Size SUVs

Thanks to its remarkable family-friendly characteristics and secret ingredient of low maintenance and operating costs, the Honda Pilot has been a capable family vehicle 

 from its beginnings. Honda released its fourth generation Pilot seven years later, and my goodness is it an improvement! We concur that the 2023

Honda Pilot is Honda's most competent and elegant vehicle to date. As the only SUV in its class that can seat eight passengers and one of the few surviving SUVs with a V6 engine, 

the new Pilot is quite competent and among the greatest SUVs in the family. Additionally, 

the 2023 Honda Pilot has a sumptuous cabin with a host of new and sophisticated technologies, 

a revamped design language, and

 a new Trailsport variant.