How The Dodge Dart Demon 340 Transformed The Family Economy Car

Dodge established the Dart name in the 1960s with the intention of using

 it on a car that the average American could buy. However, 

when muscle cars gained popularity by the end of the decade, the

 general public was eager to get behind the wheel 

of a two-door fastback. Dodge opted to capitalise on the 

soaring sales of the Charger, Challenger, and Daytona

 by releasing the Dart. As a result, the hardworking American 

could buy a 275 horsepower Dart Demon 340 at a Dodge

 dealership for two years (1971–1972).With little over 20,000

units produced, the Dart Demon 340 was never as popular

as its fellow muscle car rivals. It is, nevertheless, one of the rarest MOPARs 

 in American automotive history due to its constrained production run.

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