Is a Chrysler 300 good on gas?

Although the 3.6L Pentastar V6 in the Chrysler 300 isn't as fuel-efficient as the Toyota Avalon Hybrid, it still gets adequate mileage. 

Around 19 mpg city and 30 mph highway are achieved by the V6-powered 300. The V6 vehicles with AWD will still have poorer fuel economy.

Moreover, the 300S level provides an optional 363-horsepower 5.7L Hemi V8 if fuel efficiency is not a factor for your large,

comfy road trip vehicle. In addition, depending on the model year, the 6.4L V8 or 6.1L V8 engine is included in the SRT8 trim. 

These massive, powerful V8 engines are thirsty, too;  

according to TrueCar, the 2014 SRT8,

with its 6.4L V8, only achieves about 17 mpg combined.