Is a Dodge Charger a good daily car?

Due to its adaptability, roomy interior, and practical baggage space, a Dodge Charger is a good choice for a daily driver. 

The Mopar sedan, for starters, has a variety of engines available

 ranging from a Pentastar V6 to a 6.2L supercharged V8.

The Charger also has an all-wheel drive (AWD) option for driving in adverse weather situations including rain and snow. 

The Charger's AWD option, however, is really only offered on the SXT and GT models from recent model years.

The Dodge sedan was the most popular used vehicle on their website. They assert that the Charger from 2006 and 

beyond is a "more useful resurrection of the renowned 1960s and '70s muscle-car brand." Additionally, the Mercedes-

derived architecture utilised by the Charger has been available for a while, giving enthusiasts an inexpensive secondhand