Is a Tesla Model 3 redesign underway?

A rumoured new Tesla Model 3 prototype has been sighted in California with features that might allude to the model's 

upcoming "Project Highland" facelift.

 it is now aggressively targeting the Model 3

The Seal, which will be marketed as the Atto 4 in some areas outside of China

Tesla is moving forward with life as the CEO of the firm continues to explore conspiracy theories on his recently acquired social media site

 Since a Reuters exclusive revealed the corporation was creating a "revamped" Model 3 under the project codename "Highland," rumours have been swirling

The BYD Seal is expected to be sold in a number of European, Australian,

Reducing the amount of parts and complexity in the Model 3's interior

while maintaining the focus on features prized by Tesla owners is one of the redesign's main goals, according to Reuters.