Is the 2023 Highlander Platinum that much better?

The Toyota does a terrific job of channelling a Lexus in Platinum trim. The interior is quieted by the noise-reducing glass,

which also has a huge touchscreen and a big digital instrument cluster. Nearly every technological advancement you

 could desire is included as well, such as a 4G wi-fi hotspot, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Amazon Alexa. 

But even when they are covered with beautiful wood trim, carbon fibre, or soft-touch leather that you wouldn't find in a $50,000 Lexus, 

it still has the same door panels, console, and harsh plastic in numerous areas that demonstrate its mid-price heritage. 

It also boasts the most recent Toyota Audio Multimedia system, which expands the phone possibilities.

However, both of these systems are also offered for $42,000.