Is the Dodge Durango Hellcat discontinued?

The Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat was initially intended for a small quantity of manufacturing. Surprisingly, Dodge is bringing

 the Durango SRT Hellcat back for 2023 despite concerns that the Durango will be sent to a huge skyscraper graveyard.

 Three variants, standard, premium, and the costly mid-size SUV, are available. Prices start at $92780 and go up to $103680. 

There won't be many Durango SRT Hellcats available. Regardless of how great its characteristics are, this mid-size SUV retains its worth throughout time. 

 With its unbridled power and muscle car appeal, Dodge's midsize SUV moniker has had a significant effect on the market. 

 Dodge would be wise to take advantage of the Durango's devoted following before removing its moniker.

Dodge's midsize SUV may be out of date and underpowered.