Is the Honda HPD package worth it?

Undoubtedly, those race vehicles are the best on the track and are champions. HPD doesn't equate to speedier, though, for the Ridgeline and the brand-new 2023 Pilot.

Additionally, HPD trucks and SUVs lack super suspensions and superchargers, unlike TRD vehicles. The HPD package is only an appearance package in contrast.

The Honda Pilot's HPD stickers are available for purchase, although they only come with bronze-colored wheels, fender flares, and decals. I'm done now.

The HPD option for the Ridgeline pickup includes a special grille, an HPD insignia, fender flares,

 comparable bronze wheels, and graphics for the bed. Cost of the bundle is $2,800. 

However, you can get your own improved wheels and flares for $2,800, and 

 you'll probably even have a little spare cash for improvements.