Is the Nissan Rogue a good car?

It is true that the Rogue often handles more like a car than 

an SUV. And for some, that may be a bonus. It's not particularly interesting, 

but it's enough for everyday usage. This crossover's availability 

with all-wheel drive is an added benefit. Therefore, this might be the 

used SUV for you if you desire AWD.The Rogue does have a lot

going for it for the 2023 model year. Everything now comes with a 

201 horsepower, three-cylinder engine. There are many standard and 

optional features, and the suspension is capable. One benefit of the new Rogue is that its MSRP 

 is around $30,000 at launch. However, the Platinum model will cost you around $40,000. Perhaps it would 

aware of the possible issues, you may continue to watch for cautionary indications. In general, you can find a used Rogue for $8k to $15k,